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When it comes to hospitality, Swiss Deluxe are The Founders of Exceptional Service. But what is Swiss Deluxe? It’s a proud umbrella marketing group that comprises the 40 most exclusive 5-Star hotels in Switzerland. The hotels meet and make decisions about PR and marketing activities. Ambiance, the gorgeous large format magazine with its mesmerising covers, is one of the beautiful products born from the organisation. Another one is the new cutting edge ‘Tour de Swiss Deluxe Hotels’, created to allow Journalists and KOL’s to get a real taste of what makes Swiss Deluxe Hotels so special. I personally love this idea; It is crazy from an organisational point of view and totally fun. We were given ten themes to choose from, two couples per tour. Each group was staying at a different hotel each day for for three nights, filled with theme dependent activities. The experience video captured during the tour was quickly edited and shown to all attendants during the dinner reception on the last day, where everyone came together at hip  Widder Hotel in Zürich.
It was fun bumping into familiar industry faces at the hotels along the way when the tours crossed. Some were just leaving off to the next location, with others we had time to dine or exchange experiences over cocktails. I also loved looking at the tour hashtags #Tourdeswissdeluxehotels & #sdhtour to see what others are up to. I was especially entertained by Beatrice Lessi‘s and NewInZurich‘s feeds. The tour gave us the opportunity to get a feel for staying at the individual hotels and getting to know the establishments with its people.
During an informal chat with Baur Au Lac‘s General Manager Wilhelm Luxem he explained: „Swiss Deluxe is like a Friendship Circle of Hotels, a Union of Individualists. Each hotel has its own authentic personality und local roots. It’s not a chain but a corporation between independent Hoteliers.”
This really stood out during the tour. We felt it in every hotel we visited. The hotels are non-corporate and run by smaller, sometimes local teams, that allow staff to have input and freedom to live and love their fields of expertise. The quality of service, food, drink, spa treatments and experiences are so much better with a personal touch. In my opinion it’s worth encouraging staff to keep their individuality. It’s a pivotal instrument in creating better guest experiences and a huge USP for any establishment.
I’ve experienced my fair share of Luxury hotels over the years, working as a Fashion- and Advertising Model with top agencies and brands all over the world. Too often 5-Star places are quite corporate and therefore somewhat stale and inflexible, despite the luxurious or funky designs. Hotel staff are taught to blindly follow processes and can’t shine as individuals or even artists in their trade. The opposite was the case at the Swiss Deluxe Hotels we visited. Our stays were filled with attention to detail and care. We were made feel at home and special, and met some incredibly inspiring staff at both places. Read more to find out about; 


I chose the Spa Tour. It wasn’t Alex’s first choice, but we liked the look of the hotels for the images we wanted to create. I am a huge fan of Spa treatments and find them really effective and relaxing. The treatments on this trip saved me! I needed a break after a few months of an exciting but extremely intense working schedule, requiring all my focus, energy and time to keep on top of it all. After all the travel; London, Miami, all around Switzerland and Menorca, for modeling jobs, photography productions, signing a new PR + content client, managing Rogues and all my artists, events, shaping up for Miami swimweek, organising styling, editing images, exams, trying to start this blog … everything at the same time, I couldn’t wait for these Spa treatments to come my way. Thank you Splendide and Swiss Deluxe Hotels! It had been a pretty crazy summer. Standard me, I guess I like a bit of crazy. 🙂
Here are the treatments I received at the hotels:
Signature treatment – Hotel Splendide Lugano
The holistic signature treatment at the Splendide was invented by spa manager Margaretha. I am a firm believer in the body and mind as a whole and read up on nutrition, TCM and Ayurveda quite a bit in my 20s. I studied Psychology at University of London at the time and realised I mostly prefer the holistic approach to well-being and healing more than many of the early Western Scientific ideas.
The blissful one- hour treatment includes a magnesium detoxifying foot pack and full body massage with some Reiki elements. Margaretha has a wide holistic background including Yoga and Traditional Medicine knowledge. It worked! I walked in pretty run down and stressed, in need of some kind of a detox. After the treatment I felt like new born and looked fresh! You can actually see the difference on my images here, as I don’t normally retouch the images for my blog.

Margaretha explained that the Magnesium used for my Foot Pack is a very rare type best absorbed by the feet. This reminded me that I should start taking supplements again. I used to take enzymes, probiotics, oxy magnesium tabs, herbs etc.. in the past, due to skin issues. I lived super ‘healthy’ trying to fix this. I still try to do what’s best for my body and soul. However, due to all the paid research and hidden advertising, it’s difficult to know what information to believe in. It’s best to listen to ones body. Milk Thistle has been very effective for me for example, so is Vitamin C when having a cold.
The Splendide treatment room has a big window facing a beautiful green plant installation with water fountains. The view is very calming and reminds of Balinese Spas.
Huge thank’s to Margaretha for making me feel beautiful and human again 🙂
Team Dr Joseph Facial – Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz
This facial is worth every penny and the best I’ve had so far (I’ve had many all over the world). The machines, massage techniques and skills of the therapist were top and the products smelled amazing. I loved how she worked with my skin and included everything you can imagine; a deep cleanse with proper extractions and milia removal, even eye brow plucking! Her specialist machines helped to remove blackheads and calmed my skin. Her massage techniques were incredible. I walked out looking fresh for days (not red and pimply like it I usually look after extraction facials!!) At 1.5 hours, CHF210 and the best Facial ever, I will definitely be back treating myself to this in future. Even taking an afternoon or day trip from Zurich is no stretch. Bad Ragaz is only one hour drive, and the Thermal Baths are perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon if you don’t want to stay at the hotel. I decided that I will do this in December pre- Christmas. It will be so beautiful. I cannot wait.
Meeting with Spa Manager and Privat Spa Tour
On one of the mornings we had a meeting with the Spa Manager at The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz to talk us through the new Spa Menu. The round was very informative and we had some good discussions. I loved how many holistic and natural treatments they offer. It even included treatments such as singing bowl mediation massage, that I only know from my last Yoga holiday in Portugal. Afterwards we walked through the Privat Spa area that can be booked for groups or couples for privat spa days… in case you need a tipp for your next hen party or valentines?

Privat Spa area

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