Available at Jelmoli Bahnhofstrasse Zurich, 2nd Floor next to DVF  & Rewake

“Colours and cuts are clean and can be equally worn with your 501’s strolling through a snowy ski- resort town, or over a bikini during a chilly summer cruise.” Jasmin

The Design


My capsule sweaters comprise the ultimate luxury essential I was missing in my wardrobe. This piece is perfect for comfortable and stylish travel, work and daily life. Colours and cuts are clean. This first drop consists of four carefully selected limited edition colours in three sizes.
Alex & I designed a boyfriend- fit jumper inspired by 80s sports wear, made with plenty of the highest- A- grade brushed and sustainable cashmere. The sweater has a soft velvety feel and substantial fluffy loft.
The versatile design inspired by retro sportswear with relaxed sleeves, tapered arms and hip, can see you from your yoga class on a freezing morning, to a meeting in town worn with leather jeans and heels.
The sweater affords you many styling possibilities. It has a loose neck that allows you to wear a white shirt underneath, a necklace or foulard. Roll the tapered sleeves up, wear the jumper tucked in or out. Play with it!



“i like to wear my cashmere on bare skin. it’s one of my favourite materials because it regulates temperature and hugs you like a lover. You won’t want to take it off and you will take it with you everywhhere you go.”
xx Jaz

Sustainability and Fairness

I wanted the production to be as sustainable as possible and have a supply cycle in place with all the quality control and volume needed.
Miranda from Jean & Temple of London, has a solid relationship with a Nepalese factory that pays their workers fairly. It’s the only producer she uses for her own label Jean & Temple. The family-run factory follows a Buddhist calendar and take great care of any aspect involved in the production process from the animals to the finished garments. Each section is machine- knitted, dyed by hand, then sewn together. The yarn comes from an eco-conscious producer that uses non-toxic dye and rainwater and invests into internships in Mongolia.
Miranda, the founder of Jean & Temple, and I met a few years ago in London for work reasons and clicked very fast. We were introduced by a mutual friend when she started her brand and I helped her cast and book some high-end Models for her campaign through my creative Agency Rogues. The shoot turned out beautifully and I always liked her vision and kind personality. We stayed in touch as friends. Miranda was naturally the right person to work with when I started to toy with the idea to create this jumper. Her company and personality ticked all the boxes in terms of quality and sustainability and gave me plenty of trust and joy in my attempt of making this a success story on all ends.
I am so thrilled that Jelmoli picked up this piece and we were able to give our Nepalese Family producer even more work during the tuff times of Covid.
Sustainability and Quality
  • The yarn comes from Mongolian spinners who are committed to sustainable sourcing.
  • All pieces are hand-finished and hand-dyed. Rainwater is used in the dying process along with non-toxic dyes.
  • Making small batches means we create almost zero waste. 
  • Creating pieces that last and will be loved for a long time is one important sustainability message.
  • The cashmere is grade A brushed, by a producer used by many of the top luxury labels, this is why my sweater is at 30% cashmere soft as a cloud. Quality is everything:)
Learn More about jean & temple
CASHMERE sweater


JazBrunner Friends

I am so pleased to receive such great feedback from people who own a sweater already, to the point that many purchase a couple in different sizes and colours. I receive many comments that this is a favourite piece for so many occasions.

Myself included. I love travelling with this sweater, use it as both, a cosy blanket or pillow on the plane, or even computer desk in the car. I take it with me on summer island holidays for windy evenings and on skiing breaks. I love wearing my mink grey and black in the smallest size (S/M) and my ivory colour and again black in the large. Large is super stylish as it creates an oversized look.

Find below two friends with their sweaters – they’re both very fashionable and particular on what they like, so it made me even happier that they love my pice so much.

all photos were taken by Alex Lambrechts

Carmen Meier

“I buy high-quality clothes with puristic, clean cuts that can be worn for a long time. I live in this sweater. It comes with me everywhere I go and keeps me warm.
Everything can be ingeniously combined under or over my beloved black cashmere turtleneck sweater and it always matches my entire wardrobe because I only wear black.”
Note: Carmen did try the mink grey sweater during our shoot as seen on the pics, but of course stays her style true and chose the black one for her wardrobe. 🙂

Robin Sebastian

“I love clothes, but I don’t care much about trends in fashion that are ephemeral, short-lived, and ever-fleeting.

I prefer garments to endure, therefore I choose those of high quality. They age with you, they grow and change with you, they tell stories. Stories of you. That, to me is beautiful.”

Robin Sebastian, Co-Founder of Leiser Electric and PLUSH74  @leiserelectric @plush.74

Thank you! The sweater is exclusively available at Jelmoli, Bahnhofstrasse Zürich and in my online shop. I recommend purchasing at Jelmoli as you can try all the sizes and colours. Purchases in my online shop will be a 3-4 weeks wait. Please get in touch if you’d like to receive additional information. Here is the image download link.

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